Try the Best Shrooms in Saskatchewan and Read Our SK Trip Guide

Saskatchewan is one of Canada’s most untouched provinces. In a world that’s becoming increasingly digitized, it offers a vibe slightly reminiscent of the wild west — and that can be either a good or bad thing, depending on who you ask. If you ask us, we’d say Saskatchewan’s timeless ruggedness makes it a great place to enjoy psychedelia. Here are some of the province’s highlights.

Tips for doing magic mushrooms in Saskatchewan

Before getting right into things, though, there are a few points you should keep in mind before any shroom trip:

  1. Spending time at home or at a local nature spot often makes for the best psychedelic experience.
  2. Bring a friend or family member along with you anytime you plan to be under the influence of shrooms.
  3. Don’t drive anywhere for at least 6-8 hours post-trip. Better yet, only partake once you’ve reached your intended destination.
  4. When in doubt, just play things safe and microdose.

For more helpful tips and tricks check out our Ultimate Guide to the perfect mushroom trip. These suggestions aside, let’s take a look at what Saskatchewan has to offer!

Things to do in Saskatoon

With a population of over 200,000 people, Saskatoon may not be a big town, but it’s nonetheless Saskatchewan’s most populous city. Saskatoon is located right on the South Saskatchewan River in the center of the province. If you like architecture, Saskatoon is a great place to be: it’s nicknamed the “Bridge City” courtesy of its 9 major bridges.

Enchanted Forest

XMAS Grinch The BHP Enchanted Forest is a special holiday light show held each winter at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park. For over two decades now, it’s been known and loved for providing Canada’s best Christmas light show. Last year nearly 100,000 visitors enjoyed the lights. Considering that ‘shrooms only tend to increase one’s visual awareness, you probably don’t want to miss out on this one!

Things to do in Regina

Regina is Saskatchewan’s second-biggest city and provincial capital. Be sure to check out the Wascana Centre, a 930-hectare urban park that wraps around Wascana lake and offers extensive playgrounds, barbeques, and hiking trails. The park is also home to a Natural Habitat that’s home to 46 species of nesting birds.

Twinkle Tour

Each Christmas the Regina Leader-Post assembles a list of homes/places with great Christmas lights on display, maps out a route that hits all the best sites, and sends it out to the masses. Follow the route at your own risk — you might be at risk of having too much fun.

Nude Beaches

Paradise Beah is roughly 20 kilometres from Saskatoon, nestled on the South Saskatchewan River. Bare Ass Lovingly known as “bare-ass beach,” this spot’s popularity has been skyrocketing in recent years. Check it out for yourself to get a full-body tan and some body-positive fun. If you go, be sure to do your part in keeping things pristine by picking up your trash when you leave.

Go camping!

Saskatchewan really shines when it comes to the great outdoors. Nighttime Camping Whether you prefer tent, van, or RV camping, Saskatchewan’s camping facilities pretty much have it all. Campers also have a wide variety of national parks, provincial parks, and regional parks to choose from. Here are some of the highlights.

Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park

Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park is home to pristine beaches, swimming holes, and outdoor opportunities of all sorts. Maclean’s Magazine names it as one of the top 10 beaches in all of Canada. There’s also mini golf, tennis courts, volleyball courts, and disk golf. This park’s location is also pretty convenient. It’s located just 30 minutes northwest of Yorkton. Prospective campers can book a campsite with minimal effort/planning thanks to the parks’ Camp-Easy sites.

The Trans Canada Trail

There’s a reason they call it The Great Trail: this popular route connects Canada’s best areas with an extensive network of 15,000 miles of multi-use trails. In other words, The Trans Canada Trail makes it easy for hikers, bicyclists, horseback riders, cross country skiers, and snowmobilers to get out there and explore. As it happens the trail winds right through Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park — so feel free to knock out two birds with one stone if you visit!

Saskatchewan mushroom dispensaries

Saskatchewan may very well be among the best places in Canada for a nature-centric mushroom trip. We couldn’t be happier to be SK’s premier online mushroom dispensary! Regardless of where you choose to go or what you choose to do, we think you’ll enjoy everything Saskatchewan has to offer. Why not make the experience even more enjoyable with some premium ‘shrooms?